Migraine Relief

Migraines get the reputation of merely being a bad headache. They can actually be so much more, but it is true that the pain can be so severe that it affects your ability to concentrate and even function. If you're tired of suffering, schedule a visit with our Dr. Paul Kang of Advanced Chiropractic & Scoliosis Centers, serving Fort Lee, NJ, Valley Stream, NY, and Toronto, ON. 

What Is a Migraine?

Unlike a headache which tends to cause dull pain, a migraine tends to cause throbbing pain. Pulsing sensations are also possible. Typically, a migraine only affects one side of the head. And besides the pain, you may also suffer from a sensitivity to outside stimuli, such as sound or light. Sometimes, nausea and vomiting also occur. 

A migraine can last anywhere from a few hours to days. For some, it's minor enough that they can still function. For others, however, the pain is debilitating. 

Prior to a migraine, some people experience what's called an aura. It arises usually about an hour before the migraine starts. During the aura, you may experience visual disturbances, including blind spots, seeing flashes of light, and other similar issues. You may notice that one side of your face is tingling. This can happen in an arm or leg as well. The aura phase may also cause you to have difficulty speaking. 

Before the aura phase, you may experience the palindrome phase. This brings about symptoms like mood changes. Some people experience depression while others experience an extreme high. Constipation, frequent yawning, neck stiffness, fluid retention, and food cravings are all possible.

After the migraine, you may feel like you're totally devoid of energy. Confusion is possible in this stage, too. 


Researchers still aren't entirely sure what causes migraines, but environmental factors and genetics seem to have an impact. Sometimes, certain foods, hormonal changes, stress, or sleep changes will play a role in the onset. 

How Our Chiropractor Helps 

Our chiropractor can offer spinal adjustments, which optimize the nervous system and ease some of the stress on it. Ultimately, this can help better manage your symptoms and reduce migraine days and intensity. 

We also can help by providing lifestyle advice and various other services that aid in managing your migraines. 

At Advanced Chiropractic & Scoliosis Centers, serving Fort Lee, NJ, Valley Stream, NY, and Toronto, ON, Dr. Kang can help you live a life less burdened by migraines. 

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