Our office is equipped with advanced digital X-Ray machine that's capable of significantly reducing the amount of dosage our patients would receive elsewhere with conventional outdated X-Ray machines. We appreciate and understand the value of X-Ray images to better ascertain our patients conditions to better serve our patients but at the same time, we'd like to reduce the risks as much as possible as well. Combinations of using smaller visual fields with collimation, protective lead shields and Dr. Kang's use of special X-Ray factor settings delivering lower dosages but enough to generate an image that can be easily modified with computerized software to yield a sharp X-Ray image.

With these digital images, Dr. Kang carefully analzyes image by image to find hidden clues and indications that may be contributing to the causes of the pain and other spinal deformities such as scoliosis. Unlike other typical offices, Dr. Kang takes X-Rays to not just rule out fractures or other pathologies, but to actually find the root cause of your ailments because in almost all cases, muscle, disc or nerve related pain almost always are accompanied by poor posture or structural deformities, which can later contribute or lead to other organ dysfuctions. This is why Dr. Kang relies heavily on his analysis of his digital X-Ray images so that he can deliver the best possible treatment for his patients without leaving any stones unturned. Please see below some examples of his digital X-Ray analysis. Dr. Kang is definitely not your typical chiropractor who may adjust patients without seeing any X-Rays increasing the risk for injury and perhaps delivering the wrong adjustment or treatment. "To See Is To Know, Not To See Is To Guess, And We Won't Guess About Your Health."

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