Scoliosis Treatments

You’re probably used to hearing for all sorts of ailments that the earlier treatment begins, the bigger a difference it can make through less invasive means. And yet, many practitioners act as though that is not true of scoliosis, a three-dimensional rotational curvature of the spine that often worsens with age. At Advanced Chiropractic and Scoliosis Centers in Fort Lee and Valley Stream, we decidedly advocate for early intervention to prevent scoliosis progression. Our doctor of chiropractic, Dr. Paul Kang, is a specialist in scoliosis care, utilizing a variety of techniques to address the neuromuscular imbalances that drive abnormal spine curvature. Through up-to-date complementary therapies, we not only relieve patients’ pain, but often prevent it from developing in the first place.

Although scoliosis can develop in young children, the vast majority of the time, it begins during late childhood or early adolescence. X-rays of patients with scoliosis often give the impression that it is a two-dimensional problem, with the spine bending to the side. But in actuality, the curve is the result of rotations in each vertebrae, resulting in a three-dimensional bend. This is not the sort of subluxation standard chiropractic adjustments are meant for, and such adjustments to isolated parts of the spine could lead to further destabilization. Although bracing can help a patient develop the muscles to prevent further increases in curvature, bracing conventionally only begins once the lateral curve is greater than twenty-five degrees, by which time it is obvious to observers and imbalances are compounding themselves.

At our Fort Lee and Valley Stream offices, we promote the use of non-invasive corrective therapies before scoliosis becomes self-reinforcing. Dr. Paul Kang is an expert in the Schroth Method of physical therapy, which emphasizes the use of breathwork to maintain an awareness of posture and exercises to symitrify the spinal column’s supporting muscles. The Advanced Chiropractic and Scoliosis Centers are equipped with digital x-ray machines that allow us to get a fuller picture of the structural stresses on the spinal column while exposing the patient to less radiation, so we can correct the patient’s posture with greater precision. By retraining the neuromuscular system, we teach the body to make more efficient use of its internal structures to resist gravity, halting and reversing the curvature process. Even if a patient’s scoliosis is already advanced enough to require bracing, our complementary treatments can help prevent it from progressing to the point of requiring surgery, and can ease the back muscle spasms and range of motion limitations often caused by advanced spinal curvature.

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