• "I have been the patient of Dr. Paul Kang for 2 times due to my auto accident injuries on my neck and the back. Not only he erased my neck and back pain, he was able to adjust my posture for the better. Dr. Kang is totally warm and caring professional who I rate as one of the very Best Chiropractors in NY, NJ, and MA I had pleasure of working with based on my 20 years of chiropractic treatments. He treats all of his patients as if we are his family members with total focus and goal of maximum health and wellness in a holistic manner. He never hurries and takes his time by taking active interest in his clients maximum potential. I am so glad we still have few of genuine caring chiropractors who truly care, like Dr. Paul Kang. He is highly recommended for everyone who needs chiropractic care to the total wellness treatment that actually delivers amazing results. Antonio in NYC"
  • "I have chronic back pains over 20+ years w/ my imbalanced pelvic and scoliosis developing on my upper back. I've been to few chiropractors before and all they did was just try to adjust my back and not getting down to fix the root of my problem. Dr. Kang takes time to explain and fully understand what your problems are and options to cure or fix the them. Never pushy w/ treatments?? I have very busy schedule and sometimes when I have pain that need to be addressed , I just walk in and he will address my issues and I come out feeling refreshed and energized. He is great for pain relief and for any spinal correction. After all he is not just regular chiropractor but specialize in Scoliosis."
    E. C.
  • "So I recently went to Dr. Kang after trying out a few other clinics. I must say that I will be going to Dr. Kang from now on. The reason being is because of his procedures and how he really views and corrects the conflicts at a reasonable price. He is more hands on and has a variety of exercises as well with procedures of really fixing the pain or issue. You can tell he is very specialized in the spine and neck after having a session with him. I observe the relationships he has with his clients as well. Very good guy and a real skilled Doctor."
    P. M.
  • "Dr. Paul Kang and his staff are absolutely wonderful. I cannot express enough how kind and caring they are. The #1 concern is the patient. They always make sure I am comfortable during my treatments. I had a car accident in January and the improvement that has been made in my recovery is remarkable. I have a job that has me sitting with bad posture all day long and Dr. Kang is helping me with this as well. I would completely recommend Dr. Kang to anyone with any kind of chiropractic, spinal structural or rehabilitation needs."
    P. S.
  • "What a great chiropractor!! i have never ever seen a chiropractor like him!! he is very dedicated, professional, down-to-earth and funny!! he is full of good energy!! he even scheduled me for one appointment free of cost jut to maintain consistency!! he is a real good chiropractor not a fake, bad one like we accustomed to see!! he put me in so many machines for like 15-20 minutes each and he have so many great different techniques!! if you are looking to improve minor to strongest pain such as scoliosis, Dr. Kang is the solution!!!"
    M. M
  • "Very caring and very patience. My daughter has scoliosis and now she feels better and more aware of her posture from exercise she does in the office and at home. Dr Kang is very approachable, be able to ask him questions even thru text and email with quick response. Highly satisfied patient and highly recommendations. Nice, clean and comfortable office. This is the best place for scoliosis patient."
    T. G.
  • "Very highly recommended Chiro Doctor. Very patience and very happy with the result for my daughter's scoliosis. Excellent!"
  • "Excellent scoliosis therapy for my 15 year old daughter. Has made marked improvements and very thorough with communicating weekly progress. Very flexible with my daughters schedule and takes our insurance. Progressive approach that has alleviated pain and teaches my child how to self correct not to increase her curvature. Highly recommend if you are willing to make the commitment to maintain or decrease scoliosis curve."
    A. B.
  • "Dr. Kang is one of the best chiropractor on earth he is very passionate knowledgeable about body pains!! He is my hero!! I've been with him for 1 month and I feel so much improvement! He have all types of machines that really straighten your muscles and posture! Thank YOU DR. KANG!"
    M. M.
  • "Scoliosis Management Although I've just started seeing Dr. Kang,I feel he's helping me manage my scoliosis.The treatments in his office include the use of machinery and exercises. Dr. Kang's very knowledgeable and also very patient with me when I forget different steps in my exercise routine. I feel comfortable."
    Laurie S.
  • "Dr. Kang is the BEST thing that happened to me since relocating in February from South Carolina to New York. I have been receiving Chiropractic services for over 10 years for chronic back pain and scoliosis. Those services only consisted of just manual therapy and basic adjustments. Dr. Kang uses innovative techniques that I have never been exposed to that not only ease the back pain, and help with migraines, but also focuses on fixing my spinal curvature. I can walk-in at any time of the day, and he ALWAYS takes his time and make sure that I am much better before my appointment is over. I am an Occupational Therapy student and it requires me to transfer patients and some lifting, so it is very important that my body is healthy and intact to provide quality service... Dr. Kang helps me to help others. He is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend his services to ANYONE that has back problems. His staff knows me by name and that type of treatment is hard to find here in New York."
  • "Had a great experience working with Dr. Kang. He was very thorough and detailed with his evaluation and care plan. After trying many different therapies Dr. kang provides the only treatment that helped reduce my pain and correct my scoliosis curve from 29cm to 19cm. He also made sure I had a home exercise plan and he even gave me equipment to keep to help keep my corrections!"
  • "Went to Dr. Kang because of discomfort in my neck and back. After a bad car accident I've been living with constant pain. Dr. Kang was very thorough and took side and front views of my neck and spine. And I found out that I lost the natural curve in my neck! I followed his care plan and I feel like a new person. I was able to regain most of my natural curvature in my neck and the herniated disc in my lower back is bothering me much less! I sleep better and I find myself generally in a much better mood. Dr. Kang is a great chiropractor. Unlike other chiropractors you don't just go in for a quick adjustment. He does several other procedures and is really hands on."
  • "A very positive experience. Dr Kang was friendly, professional, and compassionate. He discussed all of the treatment options with me and even gave me exercises to do at home on my own time. I was able to get any appointment I wanted and the therapy worked wonders for me. He gave me all the time I needed to ask questions and make decisions regarding my treatment plan. Dr Kang was very efficient and timely during my appointments, thus waiting time was very minimal. I would highly recommend Dr. Kang to anyone who has scoliosis or related back issues. He has allowed me to get back to the things I couldn't do before I came to him."
    S. R.
  • "Wonderful experience! I was a former patient of Dr Kang. It was my 1st time seeing a chiropractor and i could not have had a better experience. Dr Kang examined my back and neck and with his digital X ray and I was able to look at the result in an instant. He examined me thoroughly answered all my questions, offered me a treatment plan w corrective care. After each treatment, I always leave office feeling w clarity and happiness. He is thorough, clear, informed, detailed And a Plus In Every category."
  • "I've been to a few chiropractors before, and Dr. Kang is by far the most competent. He explains exactly what my problem is and gives me a great care plan. His treatment is by far the most thorough and I feel great after every visit. Worth every penny. I'm actually at a chiropractic office where I spend half an hour getting treated instead of the 2 minutes that I've been getting everywhere else."
  • "Tom is happy because he has more self-confidence and is not just waiting until his scoliosis progresses. Something that Dr. Kang is doing is stopping the scoliosis from progressing and his treatment is just perfect. I remember when the orthopedist just told us to go to CVS and get a brace, but Tom wears a special brace that Dr. Kang customized especially for him and he wears it around the house which helps him so much. Because it's not restrictive or uncomfortable, he wears it all the time. It's perfect for Tommy because he's more confident and happy that his curvatures are decreasing. We are very comfortable with Dr. Kang and hope that things will continue to get better and are very happy."
  • "I can't thank you enough! Before I started my treatment with you, Dr. Kang, I was living everyday with acute back pain. Everyday! Today, I worked through my third visit for scoliosis treatment. I have results that I thought impossible this quickly, and the pain is gone! But, most importantly, I can look at myself in the mirror and smile. Thank you so much Dr. Kang, and may God Bless you and your family."
  • "I want to take a second and thank you for doing such great work with my daughter. Her breathing was great and her form so amazing with the work you have done with her so far. You're getting lots of compliments for your work and the orthopedist loved what you have taught her so far. Good job. Thank you."
  • "I am the grandmother of a 16 year old girl. My granddaughter, Irene complained constantly of back pain and migraine headaches before I started to look into the condition that might contribute to this sort of misery. I read of the type of treatment [scoliosis treatment] Dr. Paul Kang and Dr. Jacob Kang offered and decided to try this for my granddaughter’s sake.

    We started treatment approximately two and a half months ago. Since that time, my grandchild no longer experience any sort of back pain or headache. There is tremendous improvement in class work and grades.

    This has proved to be the best health decision we’ve made since Irene came to live with me."
    Irene's Grandmother
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Kang for some time now but I was a little busy to undergo his scoliosis correction program when I was told that I had a mild case of scoliosis. But, when I made time in the summer to follow Dr. Kang's recommendations, I was amazed at the final results. I had a swaying curve in my low back but now, I was perfectly straight. Straight as an arrow! Incredible. What was more amazing was that it took me just two weeks to get this great result. Thank you very much Drs. Paul and Jacob Kang!!"

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